About Us

First ever Donair Dude has been opened during Winter Olympics in February 2010. If anyone remembers, the way it looked back then has by now grew into something the founders only dreamed about at the beginning of it all. And yet, they still keep going forward and putting their hearts into every single open DD restaurant.

We’re always evolving – bringing you high-quality ingredients and regularly refreshing our menu by adding new items and ensuring a great Mediterranean experience in our restaurants. Donair Dude is simply the better choice when it comes to healthy and flavorful meal that you can feel good about.
We are proud to offer delicious and healthy menu. Our ingredients are always freshly prepared, our meat comes from premium farms in British Columbia and slowly roasted to perfection. Our pitas, tortillas and rice dishes are made with only the highest quality ingredients.

We are Donair Dude, and we are committed to serving great food!